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WARNING! WE ARE NO LONGER AT OUR FORMER LOCATION AT 2501 WESTLAKE AVE N. If any motorcycle business is operating there in 2014, BEWARE! It is NOT US, and you won't be getting our 5-star performance you've come to depend on. 

FYI, the landlord promised us a lease for 2014 if we met certain obligations, which we did in full. He then reneged on his word. He said he changed his mind about having a motorcycle repair business in his industrial strip mall, but we've already heard rumors of another one starting up there. So please, be careful. We are not in any way affiliated with anyone operating out of this business complex. 

Our job is to get your motorbike back on the road and keep it there

Whoever you are, and wherever, whenever, and whatever you ride, you want your motorcycle in prime shape. We fix and service bikes large and small, new and old. Whether you just need your rig running right, or you want an all-out restoration, we're your go-to guys.

OUR LEASE DID NOT GET RENEWED FOR 2014, and we haven't yet found another shop space we can afford. Please contact us if you have any leads! We hope to be in new digs within a few months.

WE'RE STILLWORKING! Until we find another shop space, we can help customers out of our home. We also have a trailer for pickup and delivery. Our temporary location is near N. 100th st. and Aurora ave. N. Please call or email to set up an appointment, this can usually be done the same day.

We are still checking our EMAIL at and our BIZ PHONE 206-216-2965 still works. You can also call (Fabio) on his CELL PHONE at 206-661-0887.

THANK YOU! We appreciate your business and support during 2013, and look forward to seeing you again in 2014 at our new location, wherever that may be. Email us if you want to be alerted for our grand RE-opening.

Check out our KUDOS page for lots of FIVE STAR reviews from you, our satisfied customers!

Repair and Restoration

We don’t cut corners in here, to make sure you can cut corners out there on the road. We pride ourselves on our care and craftsmanship — we’ll put the purr or growl back in your beast. And if you’re really feeling nostalgic, we can turn your monster (or mini) paperweight into the joy to behold and drive it once was.

Service and Maintenance

You want your ride to be smooth, efficient, and safe — nothing spoils a summer like a bad case of road rash or strange and costly sounds followed by a slow or sudden stop. Putting off necessary servicing will cost you plenty down the road. Let us keep your cycle in optimal condition so you can rest easy while you ride.


Same Space, Different Owner. In January 2013, we opened a TOTALLY NEW MOTORCYCLE REPAIR BUSINESS in the former location of the now-defunct Art of Acceleration. Our shop is IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH AOA; we're just renting the same space that AOA rented. We aim to please new customers and former (possibly disgruntled) AOA customers with great service at a great price. Come see us — you'll be glad you did.