10/28/13 *****5 Stars*****  Went in to replace a flat tire and Fabio noticed that my scooter was running a little high and adjusted it for me, even though he didn’t have to do it. This will be the only garage I will be taking my scooter to.

Thanks again!

10/9/13 *****5 Stars*****  This shop is so amazing! I have never had such a positive experience with mechanics. Both Fabio and Leo are gifted individuals and they helped me with some challenging problems.

I was recommended to busted knuckle after a different service center destroyed my scooter. The other shop was supposed to do some basic maintenance and at the end of the week they had cracked my engine case ruined my front brake, lost my key and blamed me for it and left huge chunks of metal in my engine to float around with the bearings. Then charged me over 600 dollars!

I took it to Fabio, (not wanting to wait on the other shop to take it back in and do more damage) and that very day he starts working on it. Fabio let me watch, ask questions and learn the entire time he was working on it. In ten minuets he discovers the metal in the engine, discovers that they didn’t even clean out the oil filter, discovers a whole set of problems that the other center created! (I wish I could show you pictures, its totally bananas)

Over the next few days Fabio is able to seal my broken engine case, re-tap it and place a permanent double threaded cylinder where the original l drain plug used to be. Then he helps me completely rebuild the front hub, bearings and brake pads, and re-tune the carburetor. All that for less than the other shop (S.about) charged, about half as much to be honest about it!

Also, I had another bike that (s.about) said was completely broken. The evidence being that when the back wheel spun it made a “click noise” and it couldn’t shift into fourth. They said if I wanted it fixed they would have to take the entire engine apart. (starting at 800.00)
Of course I said no and took it to Fabio. When I gave him the story and he spun the back wheel right away he said “don’t worry about it, when you spin a wheel it makes noise” HA!
Right away he starts taking off the cruciform and checking it out. In 5 minuets he tells me it shifts fine and that its probably a cable. Then we take off the speedo cover and what do you know, the cable is junk.

I’m telling you, watching these guys work is amazing. Every time I come in there is someone coming up to say thank you for saving them money and time and helping them out with some other jank shop! No kidding at all.

Also they are some of the most friendly and kind people I have met in a long time. Leo called me up just to chat and invite me over for some amazing Spanish food he had made. I came over and he wasn’t joking, it was amazing.

I could not recommend this shop more. Please support them if you are in need of service. I have already told all my scooter friends and all my vintage motorcycle friends.

9/29/13 *****5 Stars*****  This place is great, and they really know their bikes. Not only that, but they went far, far above and beyond to make sure they get me back on the road when I broke down. They genuinely care about the customer, and that is more than you can say about most businesses nowadays. I would thoroughly recommend Busted Knuckle Garage to anyone.

9/29/13 *****5 Stars*****  

8/19/13 *****5 Stars*****  Needed an oil change and transmission fluid change, tired of paying Harley shop prices….with marginal service…this place rocks!

Had another electrical issue… Fixed…

Needed rocker cover gaskets replaced… Fabio lent me his motorcycle to go get gaskets, thinking ahead, so my engine would be cool and he could help me today…. Not in two weeks as downtown harley suggests…with their attitude!

If you need a garage for your motorcycle issues…. My recommendation is busted knuckle garage…Always there for the customer!

7/11/13 *****5 Stars*****  Busted Knuckle is the only place I will trust. Their shop is friendly, knowledgeable, and really focus on making your visit a great experience. As a new rider, I had a lot of questions and they were more then willing to talk thru any issues I was having and really made sure I understood my bike. After a couple hours at the shop my 1969 CB350 ran smoothly–like never before. If you’re looking for a mechanic, look no further!

7/4/13 *****5 Stars*****  If you need repairs or work done in the Seattle area, Busted Knuckle is your shop! This place is the best motorcycle shop I’ve been to yet. Fabio, is a true grease head, knows his stuff, and is super nice. What more could you ask for?

I’m on a motorcycle trip around the US and when I needed an emergency repair, Fabio was there, willing to help me out when his shop was supposed to be closed. Not only that, but he gave me some words of encouragement and advice about a gnarly route to take.

6/23/13 *****5 Stars*****  This man knows bikes…. Great shop, The main mechanic is also the owner so he cares about everything that’s being done to your bike. I bought an old 78 Honda CB750 it’d been sitting for sitting for years and he completely overhauled it and has running and sounding great. This shop is well worth checking out.

6/23/13 *****5 Stars*****  This repair shop is great! (do not confuse them with the previous shop that occupied the same space) They were able to fix my bike’s carb issues while i waited. Their prices are fair and they are more than willing to tell you what was wrong and exactly how they fixed it.

4/20/13 *****5 Stars*****  Came in for self diagnosed brake repair. They immediately identified a missing bolt and sent me on my way same day. Great honest service. Will use again.

4/17/13 *****5 Stars*****  Ok, ok. I told Fabio I’m a little stingy with my 5-star ratings, but now that he’s done more than a tune up and swapping out a couple parts, I can bless him with that 5th star.

When I decided to get a Ducati Monster, the lower seat height was a big factor in that. Sadly, it wasn’t quite low enough. What I didn’t realise was that pre-2002 Monsters have a really weird “hoop” suspension instead of a more standard dogbone, so aftermarket links weren’t a possibility. I was a little nervous about cutting down the stock part, but Fabio had a plan. I shouldn’t have doubted him… It’s amazing! He managed to get me down a good 2″ or more without messing up the ride geometry. He even managed to work around the cheap import clip-ons and levers I ordered to make them work where they didn’t quite fit.

But that’s not even the above and beyond bit… When it came time for the coughing up dough, he gave me a credit against the labour for the parts the previous owner of the shop had charged me for but not delivered (well… delivered… but they didn’t fit my bike!!). Fabio is easygoing and super smart with the bikes and Leo keeps the office running. These guys are a class act duo and I’m looking forward to visiting them again!

The only complaint I have is that now that I’ve started, I don’t think I can stop… There so much I can customise!!

4/9/13  *****5 Stars*****  These guys are the best! Fabio is a flippin’ genius with everything that is motorcycles and Leo is one hell of a businessman. They deserve every one of these 5 stars.

I brought my 1986 GS 550L in to fix a starting problem. It turned out to be my carburetors and we thought Fabio would need to rebuild one/both of them. After some detective work he figured out that I just had some rust buildup, got it cleaned out, and saved me 120 bucks that could have gone into his pocket but he’s just too cool of a guy for that. Now my baby is back on the road and running better than ever!

These guys are chill, extremely motorcycle-savvy, and just plain nice people WHO WON’T SCREW YOU OVER. Even if you don’t need work done on your bike, check out Fabio’s project bikes. They’re pretty rad. On a side note, Leo’s beef stew is the bomb.

UPDATE: It turns out that my battery was pretty shot too. I give em a call to tell Fab about the problem and at 11pm, he’s still at the shop and tells me to come over. We spend about 1.5 hours chilling, talking shit, and hard-charging my battery. Better yet, they even give me a loaner scooter to ride to work until I can get my bike completely ready for the road. TRUST ME, this is THE shop to go to.

4/4/13  ****4 stars****  If you went to the former garage that was in this location, you probably have some reservations. The only reason I went back was because I had parts from two years ago there that still needed to be put on. Boy, was I glad to see Fabio and Leo! They got my baby back up and running after a year of neglect and got all the parts swapped out quick-like. It’s nice to see someone who is good with the bikes *and* has good business sense. Keep it up, guys!

3/28/13  *****5 Stars*****  Do not confuse these guys with “Art of Acceleration”. This is a new business that opened up after Art of Acceleration and it has been getting flak because people are getting them confused. Busted Knuckle Garage is owned by Fabio and Leo.

These guys are awesome! I did a damage estimate and found out I could not pay after they did the estimate. They let me go on my word that I would pay them back. 2 months later I walk in and pay them??These guys are easy going, nice, and knowledgeable mechanics. They have been getting all the bad press from the previous garage that was their before, and they are losing business over the reviews that were from Art of Acceleration.